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Past Webinar Gallery

Learn How “Direct Care” is transforming the current BROKEN health care system: A doctor’s view, from INSIDE the exam room (37 min)

In this 37-min Webinar Dr. Brian Hill will show you how HIPNation has taken the current health care system and transformed it into a model that is more effective/efficient and puts you and your doctor first, not the insurance company. 

Retirement Distribution Strategies (20 minutes) 

In this live 20-minute webinar, Jon and Sam diagram which resources, or ‘buckets” you should use to pay a fixed living expense of 8,000/month during retirement and still stay within a certain tax bracket.  What if your pension or Social Security did not start for a couple of years?

Top 3 Tax Strategies for 2017 and Beyond (35 minutes)

In this live 35-minute webinar with Q&A, Jon Baker and Sam Wilkerson go over tax strategies within your investment. Both Pre-tax and Post-tax and educate you on knowing which accounts and when to draw during retirement.

Understanding Social Security and 3 Ways to Maximize Your Benefits (38 minutes)

In this live 38 minute webinar with Q&A, Jon Baker of Jon Baker Financial Group, goes over "when you should take Social Security" and "how much you can expect to receive." In addition, Jon shows you 3 ways to maximize your Social Security Benefits.

Practical Legal Tips – Negotiating Your Employer Contract (33 minutes)

Theresia Moser of Moser Law Co. provides practical guidance to executives on how to protect their legal interests during employment transitions and how to effectively navigate negotiations.

Long Term Care Planning: What you need to know (42 minutes)

Helen Boyle of Mayfield Oaks Senior Living presented important information to consider, as well as questions to ask when researching a Personal Care Home (PCH) or Assisted Living Center (ALC). Helen also went over when it’s time to consider long term care and the conversations you should be having with your loved one or family members.

The Client Vault (26 minutes)

Serina Shyu will educate Clients on what the Vault is, why you should use it, and how to navigate within the folders.

How to Add and Fix Client Account Connections (24 minutes) 

Serina Shyu will show you how to add Client account connections to the JBFG website so that your balances can update on a daily basis. She will also walk you through an example of how to fix a “broken” connection.

How To Handle Client Password Resets (11 minutes)

This webinar will help Clients better understand how to use the “Forgot your password?” link; when to reach out to JBFG to reset your password; and where you can reset your password and security questions once you’re logged in.

Basic Introduction to the Client Home Page (35 minutes)

This webinar explains the home page layout and shows you how to navigate within the different sections so that you can see your various accounts and documents and also pull reports of your financial holdings.

Does Your Career Have the Right Compass? (50 minutes)

Jim Deupree, the founder and president of ChapterTwo ® ( has helped more than 100 senior executives take ownership of their career strategies, assisting them in thinking beyond their resume and fostering a new excitement about their career future.