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The Jon Baker Financial Group Experience

Our 3D planning process create a plan that is custom tailored to you.

  1. Uncovering your "Why":

    This is a discussion on your values, concerns, passions, fears and everything that matters in your life and makes you who you are. We want to make sure that, first and foremost, we understand you as a person.

  2. Launching your website:

    We develop your personal financial website. This integrates your current and projected resources to support your cash flow needs now and later in life. Through this portal you will be able to see your updated aggregated investments and accounts at the click of a mouse, all in one place.

  3. Preliminary Plan:

    Taking all this information into consideration, we present a detailed plan on how you can maximize today to achieve tomorrow.

  4. Analysis of Alternatives:

    In this meeting, we analyze the pros and cons of your options. Next, we "stress test" them to see how they affect the probability of achieving your long-term goals across a wide variety of potential market and economic environments.

  5. Plan Implementation:

    To put your plan to work and keep it moving in the right direction, we employ a rigorous 12- month series of action steps. These steps are designed to provide direction and set expectations of your investments resources.

  6. Services:

    We know that you expect, and deserve exceptional service. It is provided proactively through education, communication, and a quick response time to your needs.

  7. Annual Review:

    At least once each year, we conduct a thorough assessment of your plan. Together we review performance and discuss any changes in your situation.

  8. Progress Report:

    We measure progress and ask "Are you on track or do you need to make adjustments? are there new factors to consider?" Your plan is revised as needed and we create a new set of 12-month action steps.